Thanks for stopping by our website. We love sharing the story of our company, our products, and the mission it serves to feed those who are less fortunate than us. If what we do encourages just one person to share a slice of their daily bread, then we have succeeded.


Nothing spices and sparks the savory nuances of your favorite dish like Señor John´s BBQ Sauce. Add more flavor with one of our three sauces.


Discover a new world of taste in every bite with recipes from Señor John´s very own kitchen. Try out original recipes like Kickin´ Chili Chicken, Pork Chops El Paso and Rio Riblets.


Señor John´s donates all of its profits to feed the homeless. Learn about our efforts and how you can help feed the homeless in your area.


Feeding the Nation's Homeless Foundation Benefit Concert staring:
Jon Hogan Band and Radio La Chusma

April 2nd At McKelligon Canyon. Tickets $10 in advance and $12 at the door

Jon Hogan Band

Jon Hogan & Maria Moss and the Jon Hogan String Band

"Scorch-folk?" Our videos, right below on this page, tell it best! You can also hear songs from three albums, including "Go Lightning," an old-time record and DVD now in progress. "Scorch-folk: Percussive rhythm guitar and furious fingerpicking. Well-made original songs and a blistering take on old-time, Depression-era radio soul. Tight vocal harmonies. Intensity, passion for the story, and an Appalachian root. Primitive-modernist music to feed your soul and blow the doors off your Ford.” Watch our video Pretty Fair Maid in Yonder Garden

Radio La Chusma

Radio La Chusma

Radio la Chusma and their border-world-beat sound are quickly becoming a cultural phenomenon in the American Southwest. A funky mix of traditional roots reggae infused with Mesoamerican Afro-beats, this high energy group seamlessly breaks down cultural, artistic and even political barriers using highly danceable music tied to their borderland as melting-pot mantra. Featuring four-part vocal harmonies and electrifying vocal, violin and guitar solos, Radio La Chusma has been inspiring crowds for the past eight years. Radio La Chusma is currently performing over one hundred shows a year and has strong followings in El Paso, Juarez, San Diego, Santa Fe, Taos, San Antonio, Corpus Christi and Austin.